Spectrum Solar Solutions

Generate Money & Renewable Energy

PV solar in Ontario is a great investment

Feed in Tariff and Micro Fit programs under the Ontario Energy act, pay 54.9 cents per KW/hour for the generated electricity from your PV solar roof top for 20 years ,
it is guaranteed from the Government.

What does feed in tariff and Micro fit benefit for you:

Micro fit solar photovoltaic (PV) system in your roof top or backyard will offer you a 20 years investment return of up to more than 10% per year.
You will secure the sustainable energy for the next generations. PV solar will prevent the pollution and CO2 in
Ontario. Plus you can receive money as well.

PV system cost may vary depend on the municipality and the building structures and some other factors. You will
get over 10% guaranteed by the government for 20 years. You can compare
any other investment rates like GIC or any other investment.