Assessment Process

Spectrum Solar Solutions will complete a unique and specific installation plan for your project. This plan includes the size and type of the project, the metering configuration, the grid connection details and the project timeline. In addition, the plan will be reviewed with your local distribution company before submitting the request.

The Project Plan General Details Include:
• Type of renewable energy technology, e.g., solar PV.
• Capacity of installation in kW
• Location of the project in square metres
• Size and type of inverter
• Wiring layout
• Location of the inverter

The Project Plan Connection and Metering Details Include:
• Service upgrade requirements
• Type of meter required
• Location of the generation meter
• Location of project disconnection point
• Wiring layout
• Connection configuration, e.g., in-series, in-parallel, or directly connected

The Project Plan Timeline Details Include:
• Obtaining building permits, if applicable
• Completing a renewable energy approval, if applicable
• Installing the project
• Scheduling and completing a safety inspection by a third party
• Installing the meter

Benefits of a Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Electricity Generation System

• Solar power generation helps to reduce your carbon footprint and preserve our environment
• Solar energy is renewable and non-polluting source of energy
• A typical 3kW PV system can reduce carbon emissions by more than 2000 kgs a year
• PV Panels have performance guarantees of 25 years and life expectancies of up to 40 years or more
• PV systems have no moving parts, and as a result, are silent and require minimal maintenance
• Your energy costs are reduced over the entire life of the system, minimizing the impact of rising energy costs
• Additional rebates, tax incentives, and premiums such as Feed-In Tariffs add to your return on investment
• The reduced operating costs and green appeal of your property will increase its re-sale value
Our Products and Services

Spectrum Solar Solutions will assist you every step of the way to ensure that your Solar PV installation process goes smoothly, and to help you take advantage of the many resources available to consumers who are considering this technology:

• Site Assessment
• Qualified installation of solar PV systems
• Guidance on application to OPA for micro FIT of FIT program
• Obtaining the necessary building and contractor permits
• Arrangement of safety inspection by Electrical Safety Authority
• Connection to grid and testing and meter
• Assistance with set-up of a generator account, and completion of connection agreement
• Advice on availability of government grants, rebates, tax incentives, and registration of GST number


Spectrum Solar Solutions provides consultation, design, and installation services for renewable energy systems, supporting both residential and commercial clients. We deliver complete turn-key solutions for Solar Photovoltaic (Solar PV) applications, allowing our clients to benefit from all current incentive programs, while contributing to a sustainable environment for future generations.

Spectrum Solar Solutions formed in 2012. The owner has over 20 years’ experience managing successful enterprises, our installer and subcontractors are in the highest qualifications in the industry. Spectrum Solar Solutions is a completely integrated organization capable of handling all aspects of project design and construction, including structural and electrical engineering. Photovoltaic design by certified team members, professional installation services by certified solar professionals, and electrical work by a Master Electrician.

Right now the best alternative to generate guaranteed, long-term income, while contributing to a cleaner environment and a sustainable future for our children is through the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) Feed-in Tariff (FIT) and Micro Feed-in Tariff (micro FIT) programs. Spectrum Solar Solutions will has the technical sales professionals will ensure that your project moves from the feasibility stage through to commissioning seamlessly, while delivering the highest performance over the life of the system. We are pleased to be able to assist homeowners, land owners, and business owners in doing a great thing for the environment, while earning extra income.

One of the key system components in a solar power system is the inverter(s). Our years of experience with inverter based motor drives and electrical systems.The company has the expertise to select, apply and commission your solar system inverter(s).

Project management is another important aspect of a solar power project. We have over 20 years of large project management experience, allowing us to implement your solar project effectively, bringing it on-line quickly and safely.

Spectrum Solar Solutions provides turn-key solutions for your solar power generation project. The company will be responsible for all aspects of:

  • OPA contract and permitting application preparation and submittal;
  • Local Distribution Company (LDC) interface;
  • Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) interface;
  • sub-contracting roof structural assessment (as required) by structural engineer;
  • system design;
  • system components procurement;
  • project management & scheduling;
  • management of sub-contractor work;
  • site management, including site prep and cleanup;
  • site safety plan & implementation;
  • ‘Cool Roof’ white elastomeric compound application (where required);
  • system installation & commissioning, including quality control;
  • system power generation monitoring (if monitoring package selected);
  • system maintenance (if maintenance package selected)

The company has the engineering staff is responsible for system design, liaising with the local electrical distribution company, project management and solar system commissioning.  Certified electrician contributes to the electrical design and supervises the work on the site.


Spectrum Solar Solutions Turnkey Process

Spectrum Solar Solutions follows a simple, efficient process for end-to-end (turnkey) solar project implementation:

Site Assessment
Spectrum Solar Solutions offers a free initial site assessment, to determine the suitability of your property for a solar generation system. The site assessment allows us to determine the system type (ground based, sloped roof, flat roof) and sizes that you can consider. If you are considering a rooftop solar system, we require that a licensed structural engineer do an assessment of the roof structure’s capability to support the extra weight of the solar system.

Proposal with Detailed Quotation
when you have decided on the type and size of solar power system, Spectrum Solar Solutions prepares a custom proposal and detailed quotation for your system and reviews the information with you.  Your signing of the ‘Authorization to Proceed’ and your deposit cheque will put the remainder of the project process into high gear.

System Design
our engineering staff design your solar panel and electrical system, with a focus on reliability, longevity and safety. We provide a system drawing for your review and records.

Components Procurement
We have solid relationships with the leading Ontario based solar component distributors, and only use the best components in the solar industry. The OPA micro-FIT rules require significant Ontario-made system content, and we use certified ‘Made-in-Ontario’ components as required. Following the design stage, Spectrum Solar Solutions orders all of the system components, for drop shipment to your solar site.

Permits & Applications
Spectrum Solar Solutions prepares the FIT/micro-FIT contract application and submits it to the Ontario Power Authority (OPA). We apply for a municipal building permit (if required); apply for the Electrical Inspection by the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA), and interfaces with the Local Electrical Distribution Company (LDC).


  • mounting system installation (including trenching for ground based system cabling)
  • solar panel installation
  • DC electrical installation (panel interconnections, combiner cabinets, DC wiring)
  • AC electrical installation (inverter(s), AC disconnect, new meter base, AC wiring)

The municipal building inspector is brought in, if required. The ESA inspector checks and signs off on the electrical wiring. When the LDC receives the notice of inspection, they install a new meter in the new meter base.

System On!
Once the new meter is installed, the inverters will start up, and inject your system power into the local grid. Spectrum Solar Solutions completes the installation by monitoring the inverter status and making any required adjustments. If you have purchased the internet monitoring option, we commission that part of your system, and make sure that you are able to view your system generation details from your home/office computer.

System Training and Maintenance
Spectrum Solar Solutions includes some basic training on your system, so that you are familiar with the system components and operation. If you have purchased the system maintenance option, Spectrum Solar Solutions performs a system inspection and cleaning every six months. If you have purchased the internet monitoring option, Spectrum Solar Solutions and you will receive alerts if the monitoring system detects an irregularity in your system.


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