Grid Tie Solar Systems

Grid-tied Solar Systems generate electrical energy homes, business and industrial areas. The system sends the excess power to the electric grid and utility network.

Spectrum Solar Solutions install all the necessary components and assemble complete gridtie solar system and offer that in bottom prices.

Spectrum Solar Solutions design, assemble and size any system with appropriate panels or inverters. The company use central inverters and micro inverters and power optimizer to increase the efficiency of solar system.

We are confident that any of these systems will perform reliably and problem-free. For custom design or to talk with our solar designer about what is right for you.

We offer turnkey systems, meaning we take care of everything.

Not only do we offer a free site assessment, and do a fantastic job installing your solar system, we’ll look after all the loose ends, too. This means taking care of things like:

  • Applying to the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) and your hydro company under the Micro Feed-In Tariff (MicroFIT) program
  • Applying for building permits
  • Obtaining a structural engineer’s report
  • Communicating with the Electrical Safety Authority

Some quick info about solar electric systems.

  • They can be installed on residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial roofs.
  • A south-facing roof with minimal shade is ideal.
  • The panels come with a 20-25 year warranty.
  • All of the solar energy you produce is sold back to the grid.
  • Your contract to sell the solar energy with the OPA is for 20 years.
  • Your site assessment is free; contact us to find out how much money your roof can make.
  • Our solar installers are both certified and experienced.

Incentives & grants

  • The MicroFIT program offers you the opportunity to be paid to generate electricity using a rooftop solar array on your home. The 20-year contract provides an attractive investment opportunity, and you can be part of a Spectrum Solar Solutions. For more information, click here.
  • There are ever-changing incentives and grants available for residential, agricultural and commercial installations of solar water heating. Contact us and we’ll let you know what’s available now

Key players in a MicroFIT project

  1. The participant – You! A property owner that wishes to produce electricity and sell it. Also called an “applicant” or “supplier”.
  2. The Ontario Power Authority (OPA) – A provincial Crown corporation which contracts with participants to purchase the electricity they produce.
  3. The Local Distribution Company (LDC) – The corporation which supplies electricity to the participant, and which will provide the connection that carries the participant’s electricity to consumers. Examples include Kitchener Hydro, Hydro One, and Waterloo Hydro.
  4. The Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) – The provincial body that inspects MicroFIT projects to ensure they are safe before they are connected to the grid.
  5. The installer – Us! The company that installs the solar panels on your roof (along with related components that comprise a complete system) so that you can generate electricity and sell it under the MicroFIT program.
  6. True north, strong and free – but south is better for solar
  7. The orientation of your roof is the compass direction that it faces. The ideal direction is due south. However, as long as it points somewhere on the bottom half of the compass, the roof will probably still be usable; it will just generate a bit less power.
  8. How much of a difference does it make? A roof facing due east will produce about 20% less than one that faces south.
  9. In Kitchener and hereabouts, most of the roads are oriented about 45 degrees from a north-south-east-west grid. This means that most solar roofs in our area will face either southeast or southwest.

Buying a piece of the sun

Our intent is to help you become the owner of a solar electric generating system, so that you can earn money by selling the electricity to your local utility.

Option 1: Cash up front. Just like any other purchase, you get the very best deal if you pay up front. That way you don’t pay financing charges. If you have assets available, like cash or underperforming securities, solar is a great way to get that money working for you.

Option 2: Home equity. If you don’t have liquid assets on hand, your other option is financing. We can help arrange that for you, but you’ll probably get the best deal if you approach your current financial institution. Options include:

  • Extending your existing mortgage
  • Getting a second mortgage
  • Opening a secured line of credit

These options will allow you to obtain the funds to buy the solar PV system, and pay interest at a rate much lower than what your system will earn.

Financing: Let your system pay its own way!

A solar PV system will typically earn about 12% return on your money each year, for the duration of the 20-year contract. That’s a pretty good investment, considering:

  • It is very difficult to find any investment offering that kind of return
  • The risk is similar to that of a government bond

At right is the math for a 10 kW system on a nearly-ideal roof, earning $6,250 per year for 20 years.

You’ll be increasing your profit margins by lowering your utility bills. It’s also a great way to green your business and help Ontario move towards a sustainable future. Contact us today for a site assessment.

Have more questions? Check out our FAQ page.

Here are some reasons why you should choose us.

Local people with local roots

We are committed to the community of Kitchener and the nearby area, because we live here! We have been serving K-W area.. We care very deeply about doing good work, maintaining a good reputation, and keeping our customers happy. Word gets around, and we are pleased that one of our best sources of new business is referrals from existing, satisfied customers.

Systems designed to last

To provide financial and environmental benefits, a solar energy system must be designed and installed to last. From simple residential applications to large commercial projects, each system is designed to ensure long term durability and efficiency.

A successful track record

We make sure every system meets our rigorous standards. We make sure our clients know how to monitor the system to ensure it’s running at full potential. Spectrum  Solar Solutions cal aims to install high-quality solar electric  in Kitchener  and surrounding area that will deliver local energy well into the future.

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