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Spectrum Solar Solutions offers a start-to-finish installation process that also includes:

  • Analysis of your site for power and income potential, accounting for shading and location
  • Design of the optimum solution for your project’s unique needs
  • Coordination and completion of the OPA and Hydro applications on your behalf
  • Obtaining engineers report & drawings for building permits and electrical permits
  • Assistance with financing, if needed

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Buying a piece of the sun

Our intent is to help you become the owner of a solar electric generating system, so that you can earn money by selling the electricity to your local utility.

Option 1: Cash up front. Just like any other purchase, you get the very best deal if you pay up front. That way you don’t pay financing charges. If you have assets available, like cash or underperforming securities, solar is a great way to get that money working for you.

Option 2: Home equity. If you don’t have liquid assets on hand, your other option is financing. We can help arrange that for you, but you’ll probably get the best deal if you approach your current financial institution. Options include:

  • Extending your existing mortgage
  • Getting a second mortgage
  • Opening a secured line of credit

These options will allow you to obtain the funds to buy the solar PV system, and pay interest at a rate much lower than what your system will earn.

Financing: Let your system pay its own way!

A solar PV system will typically earn about 12% return on your money each year, for the duration of the 20-year contract. That’s a pretty good investment, considering:

  • It is very difficult to find any investment offering that kind of return
  • The risk is similar to that of a government bond

At right is the math for a 10 kW system on a nearly-ideal roof, earning $6,250 per year for 20 years.

You’ll be increasing your profit margins by lowering your utility bills. It’s also a great way to green your business and help Ontario move towards a sustainable future. Contact us today for a site assessment.

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