Why Choose Us

PageLines- SSS_icon1.pngSpectrum Solar Solutions is a local established company to help our community in the energy, its head office is in Kitchener, Ontario. The main focus of our company is to reduce the pollution and CO2, by developing and introducing the clean energy. Our main goal is sustainable environment and improving the economy and the life for our society.

Spectrum Solar solutions partner of choice for home owners and business owners that are looking for an efficient solar solution to cut down their energy costs. We are recognized and respected for the renewable energy designs. We take pride in offering new innovative technologies that have demonstrated several advantages.  Our main focus is customer satisfaction. Extremely competitive prices are only the beginning of the Spectrum Solar Solution experience. We have an experienced staff available to answer any of your questions and we also have expertly trained technicians ready to offer excellent service if the need arises. With your help, we hope to ensure a cleaner environment by reducing the human ecological footprint. Using proven technologies, engineering designs, and professional installation procedures, we facilitate the transition to clean energy for residential and business customers. Our goal is to install 25, 000 solar electric systems in the next few years to make clean and renewable energy an everyday reality.  We are constantly on the lookout for the best deals on the products we sell. As a result, we are able to offer you the lowest prices and the best service in the industry.

Here are some reasons why you should choose us.

Local people with local roots

We are committed to the community of Kitchener and the nearby area, because we live here! We have been serving K-W area.. We care very deeply about doing good work, maintaining a good reputation, and keeping our customers happy. Word gets around, and we are pleased that one of our best sources of new business is referrals from existing, satisfied customers.

Systems designed to last

To provide financial and environmental benefits, a solar energy system must be designed and installed to last. From simple residential applications to large commercial projects, each system is designed to ensure long term durability and efficiency.

A successful track record

We make sure every system meets our rigorous standards. We make sure our clients know how to monitor the system to ensure it’s running at full potential. Spectrum  Solar Solutions cal aims to install high-quality solar electric  in Kitchener  and surrounding area that will deliver local energy well into the future.


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